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9 Fun Things To Do Near Rogersville

Boy, have we got some fun things for you to do in and near Rogersville! We're talking about an exciting list of sites to see, places to go, places to eat and more...

Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, or with a group of friends, these fun things to do will give you plenty to do to make your stay in Rogersville relaxing, fun, exciting, or all three!

Scroll through this list to find creative ways to make your stay in Rogersville memorable. With this huge list of things to do, you're bound to find something that works for you!

  1. Take a scenic drive along the Cherokee National Forest, which offers stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains.

  2. Go fishing or boating at one of the many lakes and rivers in the area, such as Cherokee Lake, Holston River, or the Clinch River.

  3. Visit the East Tennessee Historical Society's Museum of East Tennessee History, which features exhibits on the region's history and culture.

  4. Go hiking or mountain biking on one of the many trails in the area, such as the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium or the Doe Mountain Recreational Area.

  5. Take a tour of the Appalachian Caverns, a series of underground caves and tunnels that are home to a variety of unique geological formations.

  6. Enjoy a round of golf at one of the local golf courses, such as the Link Hills Country Club or the Warrior's Path State Park Golf Course.

  7. Check out the historic Rogersville Town Square, which features a variety of local shops and restaurants.

  8. Visit the exchange place living history farm, which is a re-creation of a 19th-century farm that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad.

  9. Go horseback riding at one of the local stables, such as the Windy Ridge Ranch or the East Tennessee State University Equestrian Center.

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